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Why Koalas Are Lazy (Alter Ego Story)

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Bob. He was what you would call a normal koala. He did what koalas did best, eat, sleep, relax, be lazy and for a very unusual reason, rich while most koalas were not. It all started with a competition.

Bob the koala was an unusual koala to his parents. He wasn’t as active as his siblings and he liked to stay in trees and eat leaves while his brothers and sisters played soccer and ate pie. He wasn’t popular amongst his family and usually was just there. The one-day that changed his life was when the hundred thousand million dollar prize was about to be given away to the winner of a competition.

Bob was in his tree watching T.V. while his family was reading the newspapers.

“And at the star’ o’ t’day,” announced the toucan, “we’ll ‘ward someone wit’ a hundred thousan’ million dollars!” Bob’s eyes started drooping as the toucan’s voice droned on.

“To win the money, ye mus’ fin’ the big re’ button! Every time ye push the button, ye will get…” the drum roll lasted too long for Bob had fallen asleep by then, “One dollar! This button can on’y be pressed a hundred thousan’ million times! The money will always be wit the person who pushes the button!” As Bob fell asleep, many had already started the search for the big red button.

Bob woke up to the sound of razors grinding against wood. He looked down to see woodpecker’s trying out their new beaks from the gorilla blacksmiths.

“Oi!” He shouted, “Get away from my tree!” but did the woodpeckers listen? Of course not. And so, the tree fell over with Bob in it.

“It took me five years to get up in that tree!” He shouted. As Bob packed his belongings into one bag, he turned the T.V. on.

“It has been 24 hours sin’ the search fer the big red button starte’. So far,” Bob turned the T.V. off before the annoying toucan could say anymore. Bob slowly crawled to the tree next to his fallen tree. He climbed up to the lowest branch and settled on something that looked like a big red pillow. He had to try a hundred thousand million different positions before he could get comfortable. On his hundred thousand millionth positions, he finally realized that the pillow was no pillow but a button, a big red button. But by then, he had a hundred thousand million enchanted dollars floating behind him. He had won the prize with no effort. He looked around and saw his new neighbors. They were watching T.V.

“This is amazing!” exclaimed the reporting toucan, “someone has jus’ won a hundred thousan’ million dollars!” almost immediately, Bob’s family arrived at their new home found by Bob because they found their former tree all chopped up like giant brown pork chops.

“Take the money,” moaned Bob, “I don’t want it.” His family stared at him wide eyed with gaping mouths. After this, Bob was popular among the animals and his family became famous and rich, but he was still the lazy Bob from the beginning of the story. He influenced many koalas and they wanted to be just like him. So many koalas today are lazy and many of them eat leaves.

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