Life as a Roman Soldier

                                                  Life as a Roman Soldier                                         11/19/08

    Dear Mom and Dad,

                 Life as a Roman soldier is pretty tough! It’s torture! After the first day my whole body already started to get sore and I got so many blisters from that hard, vigorous training. As a young child, I thought being in the army was all fun. Now I know my consequence for joining. Even though you can get paid a lot of money, it’s tough because there’s lots of hard labor, and it’s dangerous, but I shall do what I can to serve my empire.

                 Everyday, we have to walk 20 miles wearing 70 pounds of armor and our gear, such as pots, forks, knives, and other utensils. We also have to carry our food which includes wheat, barely, oats, spelt, and rye. UHHHHHH, I couldn’t stand that disgusting food! I can’t eat meals without a little meat. Come on! It just doesn’t seem right.

                 At the end of each march, we make a temporary camp and sleep there for the day. During our sleep, two people are chosen to be night watchmen. If they don’t do their job, they would get severe punishments.

                 The next day, we wake up, pack up all our things, and get moving on to a new destination. So that’s pretty much what we do besides fighting our enemies. As more and more battles are won, more and more land is conquered and it becomes a part of Rome. Since our army is powerful, we can conquer so much land for our home!

                  Some challenges of being a Roman soldier are I can’t see my family until I’ve finished my service. Plus, I can’t marry women. Otherwise, I’ll lose my loyalty to the army. Now that is just cruel. You can’t see anyone during service to the army. It would be so sad to not see your children grow up. You see, life is hard for me now. This is just unacceptable. There are so many restrictions. I seriously can’t stand this life. I can’t wait until I’ve finished my service to the Roman Empire, but it won’t be that easy. Since there are lots of battles going on, I could die any moment. I just want you to know I love you…except for you putting me in the army. That’s an exception.


                                                                                                                             Roman Soldier     



Roman Soldier      



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