Ramses II Memorial Poem

Ramses II

Ramses was a powerful man,

He made great temples in the sand.

In the New Kingdom Ramses reigned,

All his accomplishments brought him fame.

The hundred wives that Ramses had,

They all ended up very sad.

The Valley of Kings is where he lays,

Old age has ended his days.

By: The Pink and Black Pharaohs

04/08/2010. Tags: , , , , . Humanities, School.

4 Responses to “Ramses II Memorial Poem”

  1.   Catherine Says:

    hahahha why pink&black?

  2.   Caroline Says:

    i dunno. kyle and declan wanted it xD

  3.   claire01pd2016 Says:

    hiii :D
    awesome poemm… ur an awesome poett… and yes, i just said that to b nice. :) but its true. :lol:
    but some of the words dont rlyy rhyme… :/ so yeahh…
    anywyazz :mrgreen:
    ~cla (<-haha, remember that?? :lol: )

  4.   Caroline Says:

    haha, its our group effort. so THEY TAKE THE BLAME!!!! ahahhahah just kidding(: but it wuz our group poem d:

    -CLALA (yesh i remember)

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