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How Does Technology Help Me Learn?

When I walked into class on the first day of school, I didn’t know nearly as much things about technology as I know right now. I have learned so much using technology that it has become part of my daily life. Every day, I log on to my blog dashboard and check my comments and write some posts. I have improved my learning experience with technology. I will share with you some examples.

PE Class We used heart rate monitors and did different activities with them, then recorded our average heart rates. After that, we went to the computer lab and graphed our heart rates on a graph. The graph showed if it was in target zone or not. (My heart rates were either below in zone or way over in zone)

Chinese Class We typed up stories in Chinese on the computer and learned how to use Microsoft Word in Chinese. We learned how to type pin ying too.

Music Class We didn’t do anything with tech in music class but at home I use a program called Finale Notepad and write music on the computer.

Art Class We don’t use tech in art class mainly because in art, we focus on using our hands and drawing and painting.

Library In library, we use the computer and do searches, research and etc.

Homeroom In homeroom, we use computers a lot. We use them to do research, to make PowerPoint presentations, to type up things on Microsoft word, and also, to blog.

Home I use a lot of things at home. I use e-mail, MSN, SmartBoard, ComicLife, Finale Notepad, and lots more!

I have used so much technology that I either have not used before or have used a simpler version of in the past. In the future, I want to continue using this technology and continue with more advanced technology as well.


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  1. Heart Monitors just kill me. Thank goodness we didn’t have them for most of the 5th grade year. Plus, I read the parent talk, nice job on your article.

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