Blog Journal #2

The Time Machine Accident

Brandon Hu


Humanities Period 3

My friends and I were planning to go to the past using our newly acquired futuristic time machine car. This was a mad machine with 4.0L and a gigantic V6 engine. All of the lights glowed blue. The outside of this car was glowing blue. We had to drive in a very distant land. We couldn’t risk getting this thing getting spotted by a normal person. They would think us as bandits or as aliens and report us to the police. We couldn’t risk going to juvenille.

I think this was all too supersticious, but I still volunteered to get our gear ready. Now, I was getting all of our gear ready in advance and putting in the trunk. I made a list of everything we needed. We were driving along the road waiting to be teleported into the past. It was the year of 2011 and we hoped to teleport to 1011. A bunch of mysteries seemed to be waiting for us. We would become famous and know a lot more information than all of the information a geologist would ever know by researching for his whole life. Then, at the last minute my friend Frank told me that the time machine was broken and we had absolutely no control of it.

“Can’t we just stop it or something?” I asked, totally petrified.

“No, Brandon,” My friend Frank stated. He was the one who was supposed to be responsible for this kind of accidents, so mainly I thought it was his fault.

“Let’s just jump off this freaking car!” yelled Won, apparently afraid of getting lost.

“No, we can’t,” said Yichen, “even if we do, we would have to jump 2501 milliseconds from now and jump at 20.5 degrees not exceeding a speed of  2m/s. Now, if you mess up, the best situation is that you are only severely damaged, but in the worst situation your particles could be lost over time and there would be no way to fix that and you will most likely be dead. Oh, and we just missed that time.”

“Everyone, let’s just hope for the best!” I yelled over the loud conversations of my confused friends. “How bad can it be?”

“It could be unbelievably bad!” stated Yichen. He was the geeky one and he programmed the course and other technical stuff, so naturally we had to believe him. “We might end up in the dinosaur age or end up in an age so far in the future that there were no humans!”

“Cool!” said Won. He was the one who tried to help everyone, but from his personality, he was believed to be a total nuisance. He was also the one who had a lot of faith or could make up very funny jokes. He had very fast reflexes and was athletic so I believed that would help if we had some random war.

“People, be quiet!” yelled Frank. He didn’t have any idea on the technical stuff, but he was a good friend to have and he was very trust worthy. He could also solve many problems quickly. “We’re on the course to our unknown destination and you guys are still fighting!” he yelled. Then suddenly, the car sped up almost ready to teleport.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled Won as we speeded towards our unknown place, but his voice was flushed out quickly.

We had now reached our destination and we reticently got out of our car, afraid of giant monsters or assassins. Even though we had the guns that Won had prepared for us, it was still pretty scary.

Now, as we looked carefully we noticed that the whole city was floating in the air! Yichen was just saying wow and wondered how they made it float in the air. Meanwhile, Won was just doing random stuff.

“I wonder what it would feel like to fall down.” Won said.

“Are you crazy?” I yelled, “We don’t have time for that, now we just need to find out how to get back!”

“Chill Brandon,” said Frank, “don’t tell me you forgot what Won can do.”

“Ok then,” I said “Now let’s just find our way out!”

Suddenly we saw a person on the street.

“Over here! Over here!” I exclaimed.

“What now? Dinosaurs?” the person said.

“Well, to your city we might be,” I said “Now may you lead us to the nearest city?”

“Sure,” said the friendly person, “Get on my hover car.”

“Did you just say hover car?” Won asked.

“Yes, why do you ask?” the other person said.

“Oh, its nothing,” Won said.

On the car I explained to the person how we got here and our names.

“That is great to know,” said the person.

“Now, the question is what is your name,” I stated firmly.

“My name is Edwin,” said the other person.

“Nice to meet you Edwin,” I said.

Suddenly, we arrived at the city. This city was called Shangkong. This city sort of reminded me of Shanghai and Hong Kong. This city’s name may have sounded weird but using Chinese this city’s name made perfect sense. Shangkong meant  “up air” directly but the actual meaning was “above air.” In front of this giant city there was a giant clock and calendar showing the date. We had arrived at the year 3011, exactly 1000 years into the future; the opposite of what we meant to do.

Apparently this world’s languages didn’t change that much, especially where we were. They were still using Chinese! Based on the language I found out that this was China. I asked Edwin about the countries around this world and he replied to me that there was iAmerica, iSouth America, iBrazil, iEurope, iMongolia, iAustralia, iKorea, and iHong Kong. He told me that China was the only country that didn’t get this i treating for its country name.

“You’re not Chinese, are you Edwin?” I asked innocently.

“No, you’re right Brandon. I was a time traveler like you guys and I got lost in the future, so I was happy to see you guys with your time machine. Sadly, it seems beyond repair, but never give up hope, you might never know, it could suddenly start working again,” said Edwin compassionately.

“Have you found out anything about this world?” I asked, full of excitement.

“Well, it is a Communist period and Brandon Jobs has invented many revolutionary things,” stated Edwin.

“Who is Brandon Jobs?” I asked, surprised.

“It is Steve Jobs 100 generations later,” said Edwin.

“Ok,” I said. “Now do you have any plans on escaping Edwin?”

“No, how am I supposed to know,” said Edwin. “I thought you would have some plans.”

“Well, I did but since my time machine is broken, I don’t have any plans for now,” I said sadly.

“Maybe we will be able to find some one who can help you in this time period,” said Edwin.

Soon, we were at the steps of Safeen’s house.

“How do you know him?” I asked Edwin.

“He is a good friend of mine that I met in the future,” stated Edwin with pride. Then we had a few minutes of silence.

“Hi Edwin, how can I help you?” said Safeen.

“Hi Safeen, you see, I have some time travelers from 1000 years ago. They need your help to find a time machine. Would you happen to have any friends that have a time machine?” said Edwin.

“Well, I do have one but it might require some repairing,” said Safeen. Then he took out his Time Machine 3000. “This baby is an antique but its in great shape,” stated Safeen.

“It is,” said Yichen. “We’ll be able to fix it up in no time.”

“You won’t mind if we keep it right? Because we won’t really be able to return it,” I said.

“I’ll do that,” stated Edwin surely.

“Ok, now group, let’s start fixing,” I said.

So, then we started fixing on this Time Machine 3000. In the mean time on the weekends Edwin showed us around Shangkong and he let us stay in his giant house for now.


This wasn’t just a giant house; it was 10 times the size of a giant mansion. This house probably had enough rooms to live 1000 people. It also had an awesome sound system and a lot of TVs and tablets. There was also a game room, which was so fun. There were all kinds of games in it. These games were very realistic; after you started playing them you would get teleported to an imaginary world. There was a red button in your pocket where ever you went, so that you could get out of this imaginary world quickly. These games were addicting; often on the weekends I just couldn’t resist playing a few.

Everything was going well and we had some great challenges and great successes. There were a lot of rooms in Edwin’s house, but that is what made me troubled. If Won did something crazy and destroyed Edwin’s house that wouldn’t be good. Soon I learned that there were more dangerous things that were going to happen to this Won character.

Meanwhile, Won was walking around on Edwin’s porch. Then, suddenly an idea came to his mind. Besides, the walls of the porch were short and if he used a bit more strength, he would be able to jump over the porch and fall. Quickly, Won fell and fell and fell and fell and fell. At first he thought it was fun, but he noticed he was increasing quickly every second. After Yichen found out he was scared to death.

“Why are you scared to death Yichen?” I asked.

“Oh, its nothing,” Yichen said.

“Don’t give me that face, I know you’re hiding something,” I said, scared. Yichen wasn’t that kind of people who were easily scared, but coincidently he wasn’t a good liar either.

“Fine, Won jumped of Edwin’s porch and he is currently falling at a speed of 61 m/s. After every minute that passes his speed will increase by 0.5m/s.”

“Why does his speed increase so fast?” I asked, surprised.

“Well, you see Brandon, in our year of 2011 air planes could only get up to half the height of these current floating and also considering that Won jumped of the 6th floor of Edwin’s house, that means that there is an obvious decrease of fluid friction; approximately 2 times than sea level. So, Won’s speed increases approximately 2-3 times faster than if he jumped off a plane in our time,” said Yichen.

“I don’t care!” I yelled. “Just find a way to get him back up here!”

“Chill,” said Frank. “Even if we could find a way to get down that low without getting hurt, we wouldn’t be able to contact Won, because down there it is heavily polluted with garbage and other debris.”

“Let’s hope for the best Brandon and hope your friend Won luckily survives,” said Edwin.

While we were having our long chats up in the sky, Won was lying on the ground, unconscious and lost. Then, a group of people took him away to their high-tech hospital in the middle of this bunch of garbage and debris.

Soon, Won woke up. He couldn’t believe the pools of blood in front of him, but at the same time he also knew this was a result of his impatient and dangerous idea. Well, on the positive side, he was all patched and able to move freely, even though most of his body parts hurt. Then one of this group’s of people came in to Won’s apparent hospital room.

“Who are you?” asked Won, apparently expecting for an answer from this person.

“I am Ewel,” said the other person

“It is nice to meet you Ewel,” said Won.

“You are a very special visitor; we’ve never met some one like you. Well, we have met some like you before but they were all dead because they couldn’t survive the fall or were destroyed by the other evil tribe,” said Ewel.

“How did you guys survive down here?” asked Won.

“We were the last group of people who were supposed to go to those floating cities. We were the most stubborn to move. Earth is our home; if it is polluted we should fix it or at least try to clean it and that is what we have done, at least in the area that we live in,” said Ewel slowly, as if she was afraid that Won wouldn’t understand. In Won’s mind he totally understood. If he met this kind of situation he would also stay on Earth. They seemed to be the same, but once you knew them well you would know the difference; one was stubborn, but the other was determined. Won was having a good time down here but he still missed his friends. He had grown found of Ewel and the rest of her group. They had build many impressive buildings even though they couldn’t be compared to those of the floating cities, but at an Earth that was this polluted this was pretty quick process. They did have a lot of resources though. This was the thing that Ewel made sure that Won knew.

“We might not have as much resources as the floating cities, but we have nature,” said Ewel. “If you ask a person who lives in the floating cities what nature is the only things that they will answer is the sky and air. They do not remember anything about ground and water.”

“That’s probably true,” said Won nervously, as he wasn’t one of the people of the floating cities, so he still appreciated Mother Nature. If he was able to get back to Earth, he would tell people how important Mother Nature is and how in year 3011 he saw Earth heavily polluted with people moving to floating cities to escape from their duties to clean up after Earth and appreciate Mother Nature.

While Won was down there having an ok time my friends and I were finding ways to get Won back up or at least take up his body for a funeral. I secretly hoped he had survived; people don’t just abandon a planet, even if it is in 3011 A.D.

Then, one day, Edwin and Safeen finally found some one who had the transportation to go down to the surface. This person’s name was Steven. Steven’s personality was like Won’s, except that when people were serious he knew when to stop. We took all of our gear and prepared to go down to the surface.

“Your ears might pop so have some preparation,” said Steven honestly.

“Ok,” we answered in unison.

“Remember, since my transportation device is battery powered, you guys only have about one day to go looking for him,” stated Steven.


So, the big search began. We promised to stay together because who knew what there is in this given up land. Soon I saw a building.

“Guys, I saw a building!” I exclaimed.

“You’re kidding,” said Safeen.

“Well what are we waiting for, move!” said Frank.

Once we reached this building we noticed that it was one out of a million building, but this was the only one you could see from ground level. Then, I saw a person. This place was super clean; you could actually walk through it. Then I saw a person.

“Excuse me, but do you know of a patient of your hospital that has been here for about 2 months and is called Won?” I asked.

“Won, never heard of that name,” said the other person.

“What is your name?” I inquired. I had given up hope but at least I could make a friend.

“My name is Ewel,” she said. “So, who was it that you were looking for?

“Won,” I said.

“Oh, that guy!” she said.

Now I was confused. A few seconds ago, she said she had never heard of the name Won, but now she said it as if she knew him. So, maybe I did have some hope after all.

“Is this who you are looking for?” Ewel said, pointing towards Won.

“Won! Where were you?” I yelled, a little louder then I meant to.

“I was down here the whole time,” he said as if we never worried about him. I just sighed.

“Well, let’s go up,” said Frank. “We don’t have all day,”

So then, we got up to the surface safely. We were able to go back to our time of 2011. We were able to get Edwin to his family safely. Life seemed to go back to normal, but if anything, all new inventions seemed normal to us and we didn’t really have anything that really surprised us in our lifetime. There is one thing about this trip that I never forgot, and that is, if you are going to go on a dangerous trip, never bring Won!

3 Responses to “Blog Journal #2”

  1.   frank01pd2017 Says:

    Try to ” boil it down a bit”. It is a bit long and needs to be a bit shorter as it is a journal. There is a lot of dialogue and that is good.

  2.   May Says:

    Brandon, you piece is marvelous, may I suggest something? Some of you sentences sound slightly strange, and add some more people into the story. Like change Ewel into somebody else. But great story!

  3.   Brandon Hu Says:

    Eh, to be honest I still don’t even remember how i got the name of Ewel, but thanks guys for the helpful criticism.

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